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What benefits does living in a nursing home provide?

Throughout adulthood, people meet their own needs, but over time this becomes impossible. It is difficult for an elderly person to keep the house clean, go shopping on their own, prepare complicated or dietary meals, go to clinics and follow doctor's orders.

Even loved ones are not always able to provide adequate care for their loved ones who are in a difficult life situation. To solve this problem, nursing homes and private homes for the elderly, where the elderly are given the necessary care in a comfortable environment of residence and care.

What are private boarding houses for?

Care for the elderly is comparable to work, because it is necessary to be with them around the clock, to pay attention. Proper care requires not only a certain amount of medical training, but also a proven track record, lots of free time, and a steady income to provide for the family.

Organizing care at home is difficult, but not because there is no desire or only biased reasons. Some people lack the skills to care for the elderly with various illnesses, others cannot give up their jobs and lose their source of income, and others need to take care of young children.

Public and private geriatric institutions that provide care for their wards help to cope with this task. Private boarding facilities are specialized facilities that provide optimal living conditions, medical care, and nursing care.

Advantages of private boarding houses

The main feature of private homes for the elderly is the form of ownership and settlement wards will not need to collect a huge package of certificates. The fact is that in public geriatric institutions you can only put elderly people who are under the care of the state.

And it's not because of limited funding from the state or the minimum range of services, because the benefits apply to different areas of operation. The strategic goal of our network of private residences is to cover all areas of life and provide the residents with the care they need.

Optimal conditions

The administration of our private boarding houses strives to create a living environment as close to home as possible. The living quarters are regularly renovated with upgraded furnishings, specialized furniture with an ergonomic design is selected, and the territory is landscaped.

Special attention is paid to elderly people with disabilities or those who are forced to comply with bed rest, undergoing rehabilitation. For them, special beds with anti-bedsore mattresses are installed in the rooms, wheelchairs are available, and ramps are installed.

Organization of Welfare

Even a minor detail can lead to frustration, especially if the elderly person is unable to look after themselves. In a private boarding house, experienced staff will clean the room, prepare meals according to the menu, change the bed and help with hygiene procedures. All household and economic issues are resolved without the involvement of the elderly, who do not need to do the cleaning or laundry of personal belongings, to worry about cooking.

Experienced staff

Competent and qualified employees with some experience are chosen to work in such facilities. This approach helps to form a team of professionals who know how to establish contact with the elderly and create a friendly environment. When there is a relationship of trust, the elderly clients are free to ask for help and receive it at the highest qualification level.

Sound nutrition

Another basic point is the nutrition of the wards in private nursing homes, which is organized taking into account the recommendations of nutritionists. It is very important for the elderly to get the necessary amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, so they are offered a balanced diet. Regular changes are made to the menu to diversify the meals, and only freshly cooked dishes of high quality and healthy products, seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and fish are served.

Socialization and recreation

Elderly people can experience a lack of socialization even when they are at home and are in a condition of conditional social isolation. A well thought-out and adaptable socialization and adaptation program, which is implemented during the whole stay, helps to avoid these risks in private residences. This includes compliance with the daily routine, supplementing it with free time for favorite hobbies and socializing with peers and neighbors, entertainment, and joint activities.



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