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Dining and Meals


Azalea  Manor serves Home Cooked Southern  Style  Meals in our Spacious Dining Room.  Our Menu, designed and supervised by a dietician, provides for a  healthy and well-balanced diet.

Residents Enjoy Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper with Snacks & Special Orders available at all times.


Location of the boarding house: location, area, ecology

As we get older, the bustle, noise and polluted air of the city cause more and more discomfort and have a detrimental effect on the health of the elderly.

One of the main criteria for choosing a home for the elderly is the location in an environmentally clean area, away from industrial plants and major highways. In this case, the road for loved ones who decided to visit the pensioner, should not take more than an hour.

A good pension must have a fairly spacious surrounding area for walks, with landscaping, gazebos and other attributes of recreation in nature.

Living conditions: accommodation, food, leisure

The assessment of living conditions in a nursing home is based on many factors:

The quality of the living and office facilities,

availability of special equipment to serve the elderly and disabled,

assortment and mode of meals,

rules of residence and daily routines in the boarding house.

Our boarding house began to operate in 2014, our guests have not yet had any complaints about the quality and modern equipment of the premises. Sanitary requirements and maintaining the right microclimate in the premises are observed in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Ministries of Health and Social Development.

Correct, regular, varied and balanced nutrition for the elderly must be monitored by specialists - nutritionists and experienced cooks. A good nursing home provides options for special diets for the elderly with various diseases, from diabetes and cardiovascular to endocrine gastric diseases.

Six meals a day are guaranteed at our nursing home. Cooks buy natural products from the local market at adequate prices.

Come to us on a tour, get acquainted with living conditions, staff and residents, the daily schedule and eating habits ... It's better to see with your own eyes once.

Quality of staff: care, medical, domestic help

The conditions of staff selection in private nursing homes have already been discussed above. It is worth adding that assistance in everyday life and constant medical monitoring of the health of the elderly is an obligatory function of caregivers and nurses in private social care facilities.

If an elderly person's health is impaired by various illnesses, it is worth focusing on this separately and asking questions about the possibility of caring for such a sick person to the management of the nursing home.

The nursing and medical staff in our care home have knowledge and experience in caring for the bed-ridden, elderly with cognitive impairment, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, various dementias...

Diets and Nutrition
are closely monitored, and special diets or specially
prepared dishes can be provided.  Meals are exceptionally  tasty, hearty, and
pleasantly presented within an attractive environment. Our immaculate kitchen
is easily viewed from the dining area and always smells of delicious aromas.
Our coffee pot is always brewing fresh coffee
so that residents or guests  can enjoy and help themselves.

Complimentary ROOM TRAY SERVICE is available to any resident who is not
able to come to the dining room or occasionally prefers to eat in his/her room.


zalea Manor has Private Dining Areas, Sun Rooms, and Family Rooms where our residents can enjoy special times, visits, or special celebrations with family and friends.

Our Residents seem to set the tone for us, so whatever they want is what we try to provide. We have always been highly complimented on our food and take pride in the flavor, presentation, variety, and quality of our home-made (from scratch), southern style meals. Our Special Recipes are requested often.



Dining & Meals

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