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Rates and Fee Structure

Advantages and disadvantages of nursing homes

Everyone is faced with the fact that their parents or other relatives are aging. In such a situation, it is necessary to provide their loved ones with comprehensive care, which will significantly improve the quality of their lives. Not everyone is able to look after their elders 24 hours a day, because they have to work Патриаршие пруды Москва hard and deal with other problems. In such a situation, the best solution is to place relatives in nursing homes that provide a full range of specialized services.

Advantages of specialized institutions

Modern nursing homes represent quite different from the institutions that caused horror among residents and visitors. They provide the elderly with a comfortable environment where they can live out their lives in cleanliness, warmth and comfort. Mandatory in nursing homes has its own medical staff, so people of old age in a timely manner will be provided assistance, monitored the progress of the current therapy.

The advantages of specialized institutions include the following:

the pensioner will be under supervision all the time;

In a nursing home, he will be able to find companions, a life partner, so he will constantly be in touch;

the staff holds a variety of activities for pensioners, organizes leisure, allows you to do creative work;

The territory of nursing homes is fenced and under the constant supervision of the guards;

Residents of such facilities can at any time go for a walk, get some fresh air;

Elderly people in retirement homes are well and systematically fed, a balanced menu is developed for them, taking into account the individual characteristics of each resident (for example, the presence of food allergies, the presence of diseases that require compliance with a strict diet, etc.).

What are the disadvantages

Although modern nursing homes are more like boarding houses or sanatoriums, they have several disadvantages:

The residents have to live according to a schedule, especially with regard to meals, because if a pensioner is late for breakfast, he will have to wait for lunch;

several people are placed in the same room, which for some elderly people can be accompanied by certain inconveniences (almost every modern institution has suites, but they charge a high fee);

when a nursing home is heavily populated, the staff may not have time to give proper attention to each resident, which can lead to resentments, misunderstandings, and disagreements.

Azalea Manor's affordable fee structure is very simple
with a set monthly charge which includes all daily services.......

NO extra fees are tacked on or itemized per service.

NO administrative or entrance fees...and NO contracts or leases are required. 
Any fees which are paid in advance are refundable from the date of vacancy, so
you are only charged for the actual days that your room is occupied.

Azalea Manor has always tried to keep our fees reasonable and are generally much
lower than most other assisted living facilities. Yet, our services and special attention
to our residents far exceed normal industry standards.

Note: Monthly fees do not include Medication costs or Special Needs Care.



To help with assisted living costs, the VA Aid and Attendance Pension benefit is available for Veterans or their widows.
To qualify, the veteran must have served in the military during a period of war, had an honorable discharge, and cannot have assets over $80,000 (excluding the home).

Call Azalea Manor for more information.  We are familiar with qualifications and submission forms and can guide you through the process. 


                      Our Military needs your support.


We encourage you to support our Military.


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