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Azalea Manor Residents

Azalea Manor Residents are full of mischief (as you can see), but they are having
a great time of it. We provide them with lots of personal attention which
allows them to maintain their independence and dignity.

Unfortunately, those who think that there are absolutely free nursing homes are greatly mistaken. All social institutions for the elderly and disabled have sources of funding: the budget, charitable foundations, sponsors...

Most private boarding homes for the elderly and disabled today operate on a contractual, commercial basis.

The very notion of "boarding house" came from the term "boarding house" - renting a room to live in for a certain period of time. Full board means accommodation with meals. That is why nursing homes are often called boarding houses for the elderly...

Nursing Home Terms and Conditions

In addition to the standard details of the parties, separate clauses in the contract prescribe the terms of accommodation:

the number of residents in the room,

furnishings and furnishings in the living quarters,

provision of linens,

personal hygiene products,

a change of clothes and shoes...

Drawing an analogy with the tourist (hotel) business, one could say that the quality of accommodations in different nursing homes can be as different as the number of stars in hotels. The rooms themselves may be single rooms with a private bathroom, air conditioning, refrigerator and television, or - for several guests, with one toilet and shower for several rooms.

Meals included

Nutritional requirements in social care facilities for the disabled and elderly are regulated quite strictly, but there are also rules that vary from nursing home to nursing home. Somewhere in the contract there is a guaranteed three meals a day, and somewhere, as in our boarding house, they feed 5 - 6 times a day.

Safety of the residents

In addition to comfortable accommodation, meals, sanitary and medical care, the administration of the home for the elderly must ensure the safety of its residents. This applies to the security of the premises and the surrounding area, fire safety systems, video surveillance, etc. The terms of security must also be reflected in the contract, in the section "duties of the executor", which is the administration of the nursing home for the elderly and disabled.

Domestic care, home care for the elderly

Of course, capable elderly people without disabilities, able to independently perform basic household activities (dressing, washing, eating ...), the "basic" conditions of accommodation and meals are quite enough. Add to this the constant presence of nurses on duty, constantly looking after the residents and ready to provide all kinds of assistance in everyday life.

When applying for a nursing home for a bedridden patient or an elderly person with mobility or cognitive problems, the special conditions of accommodation and domestic care with the assistance of a nurse must be stipulated in the same contract.

A personal caregiver takes complete care of an incapacitated elderly person with a serious illness, disability or post-operative period, provides:

Comprehensive assistance in the home;

moral, psychological support;

accompaniment on walks;

hygienic procedures;

Prevention of bedsores and pneumonia in bedridden patients;

Control of the timely reception of medicines and medical procedures;

First medical aid in emergency situations...

Typical Residents
may no longer be able to care for themselves in their own homes,
but do not require the skilled care of a nursing home. They may simply need
some special assistance or closer attention and supervision during their
daily routine or during the night. 


Respite and Day Care

Sometimes Residents may only need short-term care (respite) following an illness
or surgery. Or they may wish to stay with us while undergoing further therapies
until they are able to return to their own homes. Others may want to stay 
while caregivers are away...during the day or overnight.

Azalea Manor Assisted Living is an approved vendor for Day Care and Short Term stays
for the
(Only 4 facilities in Cobb County are approved for this program.)

This is a voucher program sponsored by the Cobb County Commissioners
and the Alzheimer's Association which provides financial assistance to
caregivers of seniors with dementia or similar disorders.

Be sure to ask about this program if you are a caregiver
and need some time away from your daily duties.

(Click on the blue link above for more information & download an application for Share The Care)

Our Residents

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