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VA Aid and Attendance Pension is Tax Free Income

Senior Tips
For Health...Safety...Caregiving...Living Alone...Getting Financial Help

          VA AID and ATTENDANCE PENSION           

Did you know the VA will help pay  for an Aide or Caretaker to come into the home to care for a Veteran, Veteran's Spouse, or a Widowed Spouse of a Veteran? The Aid or Caretaker CAN be a family member as long as they are not living in the home.

The benefits of private retirement homes

Every year, a large number of people retire. To ensure a decent old age, it is important to determine where and how to spend your time. A nursing home can be a good option if chosen correctly.

Types of nursing homes

There are two types of nursing homes for the elderly in our country: public and private. The first option is financed and managed by the state, while the second is run by private companies. The living conditions of people depend on the availability of funds, management and geographical location of the institution.

Advantages of Private Nursing Homes

Private facilities have a number of advantages over public facilities. These include a high level of attention to people's needs and the ability to provide skilled medical care. Residents can consult narrow specialists, the rehabilitation treatment of the elderly with a variety of injuries, vascular and heart disease. Private institutions accept bedridden patients, the elderly with diseases that cannot be cured, the disabled of different groups. A warm, homely atmosphere is created for the residents with caring caregivers and doctors. They introduce them to other elderly people and help them establish social contacts.

A big plus is the beautifully decorated interiors and surroundings of private nursing homes. They are tastefully and elegantly designed, which allow the elderly to enjoy a pleasing mix of colors, decorations, and landscaping. At the same time, the rooms and walk-in spaces give a sense of peace and comfort. Repairs are done in a timely manner - no cracks or faulty plumbing, unlike in state-run facilities.

Nutrition for the elderly is carefully thought out and tailored to the individual characteristics of the body. Depending on their state of health, they are fed several times a day with delicious and healthy food, carefully prepared by local chefs. Only quality and fresh products are used. Drinking water and fruits are readily available. If necessary, the elderly are assisted with meals.

Leisure activities are organized in an interesting and individualized way. Elderly people can read books, engage in spiritual practices, play board games, and gather together in lounges for joint conversations and discussions of current issues. Some facilities have arts and crafts groups: music, drawing, knitting, and more. Various groups can come to the nursing home with concerts and performances.

Sport in moderation is an important part of life in old age. In a private nursing home, seniors enjoy yoga, Pilates, biking, golf and other physical activities.

The choice in favor of a private nursing home is obvious, as it gives residents the highest level of care.


Youth cannot last forever, and therefore sooner or later everyone faces their own age-related problems or those of their relatives. Often seniors need help and care from others.

Time and energy are a very limited resource, and it is not always possible to combine work, self-development, rest and care for elderly relatives. The dependent situation makes the latter feel guilty for the inconveniences caused, and the former feel tired, irritable, and "imposed" debt. An unhealthy atmosphere is created at home, which leads to more problems and alienation.

Often relatives push back the thought of a nursing home for fear of being judged by others and feelings of guilt toward a relative. Nursing homes are associated in the minds of the average person with "almshouses," horrible conditions, and angry, cold staff, and to put an elderly relative in a nursing home is to betray them.

Not everywhere is it possible to give their elderly relatives the help they need and provide them with the care they deserve. In today's world, it is not easy to find the time and energy to be around, to monitor compliance with a special diet, to help around the house, to adhere to medical recommendations.

This is mostly true for those who live far away from their elderly parents and want to provide them with a decent old age. Then these people turn to private boarding houses for the elderly.


In every city there are private boarding houses, where you can entrust your elderly family and friends. In doing so, you won't have to worry about whether your forgetful mother took her medication on time.

Qualified staff,

Round-the-clock monitoring of boarding house residents. Caregivers monitor compliance with doctor's recommendations.

Boarding house for the disabled

Private boarding houses have all the necessary equipment for the care of the elderly with disabilities, modern equipment and specialists. It is almost impossible to give such a person with disabilities at home. Boarding house for the disabled


This Aid and Attendance Pension will help pay the costs of assisted living also. The amount of money that the VA pays is determined according to income versus expenses ....whether it's a Veteran, a Couple, or a Widowed Spouse of a Veteran.

Generally, to qualify for this TAX FREE monthly pension from the VA , the Veteran must have served in the military during a period of war, had an honorable discharge, and assets cannot be in excess of $35,000 depending on whether it is a couple or single veteran or widowed spouse. The main home and auto are excluded from asset determination.


This Pension won't pay the utility bill, etc.... It is only for CARE or MEDICAL help. 
If qualified, the Widowed Spouse of a Veteran could get as much as $998 month.
The Veteran could get $1554, and a Couple could get $1842.
This benefit is TAX FREE and is in addition to Social Security.

Be sure to call Azalea Manor to get more information about this VA Pension.
We have brochures, forms, contact information.....
and everything you need to get qualified.


Our GOAL is to remain in our own homes for as long as possible and move
to assisted living when the time comes or something traumatic occurs.
In the Meantime.....Here are some helpful suggestions or ideas.....

YOU HAVE FALLEN, and you can't get up:  Radio Shack sells a transmitter which is like a pendant and worn around the neck. It's lightweight, and all you have to do is press the button on the front when you get in trouble. Phone numbers are programmed in so that once you press the button, these numbers are called one at a time. If the first number doesn't answer, it rings the next number and so-forth...until someone answers. That person hears a tone that alerts them of your emergency call. These pendants cost less than $100 and are very dependable. They run on batteries, and should be worn at all times.  (Emergency Phone Dialer Pendant, Cat  # 49-1005)


PORTABLE PHONE or Cell Phone:  Keep your portable phone nearby or in the basket of your walker.  All walkers need baskets or some sort of carrying bag or device which can be homemade or purchased.  Use the phone when you get into trouble. Make sure you have phone numbers programmed in so that all you have to do is push a button for help.

PHONE CALL CHECK-IN'S:  Have a family member, friend, or neighbor call you 2, 3, or 4 times a day at certain times....just to check in with you.

DOOR KEYS:  Hide a door key outside so that someone can get inside to help you if you can't get to the door to open it yourself. OR...take a key to the closest FIRE DEPT and tell them you are alone in your home. Let them keep this key in case they are called to your home for an emergency.  You have to trust someone, and the Fire Department is a good place to start.  Allow a close neighbor, relative, or friend to have a key also.

MEDICATIONS:  One of the major problems with seniors is they don't take their medicine at the right time.....or they forget to take it.....or they take too much. Having several different doctors prescribing medicine for you can become confusing.  Make sure each doctor has a list of ALL your medications. One way to help with these problems is to get your pharmacy to bubble package all medications on a weekly basis. With bubble packaging, all your morning meds are in ONE little bubble. It is the same for lunch, supper, and bedtime medications.

Bubble packaging is safe, convenient ..... and much better than those plastic weekly pill containers. If you drop a bubble package, all your pills don't fall out!  You can get these bubble packages on a weekly basis or monthly.  NOTE: When you go to the doctor, take your bubble package with you...so the doctor knows all the medications you are on.

      ATKINS APOTHECARY   (30 South Fairground Street,  Marietta, Georgia)  is a small, private pharmacy which provides personal customer services to accommodate whatever your needs.  They will call the doctor for refills, package the meds in the convenient bubble packages, and deliver to your home (in the local area).  All you have to do is CALL THEM....770 422-0555. Ward Sachs, Gene Atkins, and Hope Atkins will be happy to help you keep up with your medications' routine. They have been in business more than 30 years and have a good reputation. They're honest, and prices are about the same as any other pharmacy in the area. They don't charge extra for local delivery, so check them out to see if they can help you. They accept most insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid.  Besides...they're friendly and will watch out for you.

COBB SENIOR SERVICES:  Did you know that Cobb Senior Services can provide financial assistance to help with the care of seniors in the home? They have a SHARE THE CARE program that is wonderful. This is for CAREGIVERS who are caring for an elderly family or friend in their own home. Through this program, Cobb Senior Services gives the caregiver vouchers which are valued up to $1000 per year.

These vouchers are used as money to pay for services such as home maintenance, caregiver aide in the home, or assisted living for short term stays, etc. When the caregiver feels they need a vacation or a break from the day to day responsibility of caring for the elderly in their home, they can hire someone to come in to help out or they can take the elderly to an assisted living facility to stay for a while. These vouchers are used to pay for the service. The assisted living facility, aide, or maintenance person sends them to Cobb County for reimbursement. This is to be
used for approved businesses, aides, or assisted living facilities. Cobb Senior Services has a list of all their approved vendors for this Share The Care Program.

AZALEA MANOR is one of only 4 approved facilities for Assisted Living in Cobb County.
Cobb County is the ONLY county that offers this "Share The Care" program at this time.  Money is provided through the Aging Connection and the Alzheimer's Association and given to Cobb County to help out with senior care-giving in the home.

Follow the link above to download an application for Share The Care.

Senior Tips

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