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Welcome to Azalea Manor
A Georgia State Licensed Personal Care Home
Offering a whole new lifestyle in Affordable Assisted Living and Elderly Care

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Medical care for the elderly is essential. The older a person gets, the weaker his or her health becomes, "senile" diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's appear, as well as complications of pre-existing ones. This and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which limit freedom of movement, and diseases of the cardiovascular system, leading to heart attacks and strokes, and many other diseases. Therefore, it is simply impossible to do without medical care for the elderly.

Unfortunately, quite often an elderly person can suddenly become ill, worsen their well-being, and an attack or stroke can take them by surprise. It is good if at this moment there is a loved one at home who can provide first aid and call an ambulance. But what if all family members are at work? Who will help the person?


Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable enough to provide timely first aid to seniors. Timely medication can prevent the severe consequences of illness. Skilled personnel know exactly what to do in an emergency or critical situation.

The competent actions of our staff have more than once saved the lives of older people. Because elderly care is provided around the clock, caregivers can provide urgent care to seniors on time, thereby eliminating life and health threats.

All necessary medical services: treatment and prescription of medicines are carried out by a doctor of medical institutions, with which we cooperate for many years. Specialists regularly monitor the health of patients, and our workers, if necessary, hospitalize them for treatment.

Workers carefully make sure that the elderly person takes medication in time and follows all recommendations and instructions of the treating doctor. If necessary, he or she will always receive medical assistance. If a person is bruised, it will not go unnoticed. Our staff knows how brittle older people's bones are, so they will immediately examine them for serious injuries or fractures. Timely diagnosis is the key to good health and proper treatment.


How do you put a person in a nursing home without consent? Our boarding house accepts the elderly only if he or she consents. If you do not know how to put a relative in a nursing home for a pension, call our specialists. They will tell you how to surrender your father or mother to a nursing home, what documents are needed, how to properly prepare the elderly person for the news of moving to a boarding home.

Many people do not know how to give an elderly person to a nursing home, because they cannot tell him about it and are afraid of the backlash. Indeed, not all moms and dads will understand if their child or grandchild offers them an alternative to home care. It is important to explain to the person that there are dozens of advantages to a nursing home. Here the elderly person is monitored 24 hours a day, at any moment they can provide the necessary assistance.


You can also put an elderly person in a public organization, but if he is disabled or has a number of serious illnesses, it is unlikely to take him. How do I put an elderly person in a nursing home? To get into our boarding houses, you do not need a long collection of certificates and documents, registration will take no more than 20 minutes, without bureaucracy and bribes, additional costs and services.

Azalea Manor Assisted Living is UNIQUE !

Azalea Manor is well established in the Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia Community.
We are locally owned and operated with three generations
of elderly care and assisted living experience.

Our long-term staff is a trained and experienced team of caregivers
dedicated to providing personal care, close supervision,
and special attention to each of our 30 residents.

Azalea Manor is exceptional with an excellent reputation.
We are involved with our community and take pride
in our service and accomplishments.

The Marietta City Council chose us as
Yard of the Month !

And, the Cobb Chamber of Commerce selected us
Marietta's Business of the Year !

We invite seniors and caregivers to take a tour to see for yourself.
We feel you will be pleasantly surprised.

Thank you for visiting our site.

Mark and  Michelle Watkins

Marietta Business Association Member


About Us ? Our Residents ? Services ? Meals ? Rates ? Directions ? Contact ? Senior Tips ? Senior Links

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