About Sarcoma Coalition

Sarcoma Coalition member organizations recognize that collaboration and cooperation make our individual efforts stronger. Working together, we leverage our collective strengths to make a greater impact in helping meet the needs of the sarcoma community.


Sarcoma is a rare type of cancer, accounting for 1% of adult cancers and 15% of pediatric cancers.

Even today, many people, including primary care medical personnel, are unfamiliar with sarcoma.

Because of the rarity of this cancer, it is even more important that we work together to support sarcoma patients, educate the public and medical community, and collaborate to fund research to find better treatments and ultimately a cure.

Recognizing that collectively we are stronger, the community of sarcoma advocacy groups has formed the Sarcoma Coalition. We are here for you, the patients, families, and research community.

Together, we can achieve more!


The Sarcoma Coalition is open to all non-profit organizations with a focus on sarcoma. Membership is organization based; there is no individual membership. All Sarcoma Coalition leadership serve in a volunteer capacity. The Coalition is engaging its member organizations to identify collective projects that will leverage the strengths of multiple groups.

Sarcoma organizations interested in joining should contact us for additional information.


The Sarcoma Coalition has a Steering Committee, voted on by the members, to oversee the work of the Coalition. The Steering Committee is responsible for establishing policies, positions, and programs with approval by the general membership. Current Steering Committee Members include: Denise Reinke, Annie Achee, and Lisa DeYoung.


The General Membership of the Sarcoma Coalition meets four times per year, primarily via webinar. Two of the webinars are held in conjunction with major medical meetings so that those attending the those meetings can gather in-person and others can join online for our Sarcoma Coalition meeting.

For Members: Access our calendar here.


To identify and plan joint projects for members of the Sarcoma Coalition, workgroups have been formed. The following are the currently active workgroups:

Education Work Group

Exploring opportunities for joint educational programs for patients, families and the medical community, this group is led by Mitch Achee, MD.

Now Available: Webinars Presenting Methods for Improved Diagnosis of Sarcoma
These CME-certified webinars are available free of charge for public and professional use.

Advocacy Work Group

Seeking to leverage our voices to speak on behalf of important issues relevant to sarcoma, to formulate and communicate the collective position of the Sarcoma Coalition.

Collaborative Funding Work Group

Funding research is critical to making progress in sarcoma. Under the leadership of Allison Sole, this group is exploring the potential for joint funding opportunities.